Glenalmond Studios Proudly Present 'Coll's Morning'

Post exams, the Third Form spent an amazing day writing, producing and editing their very own magazine style TV chat show.

Firstly they were treated to a talk from OG Ryan Bromilow (15-17, Skrine's) about how to be a journalist and he incorporated some of the amazing things that he has gone on to do since leaving Coll two short years ago. Most recently he has appeared on TV show 'The Ranganation' but he has also interviewed various celebrities as a freelance celebrity interviewer as well as landing some paid work commentating for talkSPORT International. Ryan came to Glenalmond through the Springboard Bursary Foundation and so the pupils' aspirations were definitely raised as they saw what a fellow pupil had achieved and the things that it was possible for them to go on to do with a Glenalmond education. 

Then the real hard work of the day began. The pupils were split into groups to research stories. Our budding journalists set off around the school where appointments had been made for them with various staff including matrons, Languages teachers and the school golf coach. They all had about 45 minutes to interview these people and come back with a story that they could craft throughout the rest of the day. The Warden gamely agreed to appear live on film and so our very own Piers Morgan, Abi, was dispatched to interview him about his life story. 

Ryan Bromilow and 3rd Form

45 short minutes were soon over and the pupils had to work on finding an angle and then writing and editing their script, choosing their filming location, choosing their presenter and creating cue cards or an autocue. Time was against them and their ability to work to deadlines was certainly tested. With only 1 hour and 30 minutes to film in the afternoon, it was critical that the scripting was all completed before lunch. Amazingly, it all got done and any doubts that the staff ever had quickly dissipated. 

The afternoon was given over to filming and Ryan set up the "studio" in Miss Dryden's classroom whilst Miss Dryden headed off around the school to film "on location". Meanwhile Mr Hathaway, Mr Phillips and Miss Hynd manned the fort in the theatre where our journalists were given their second task of the day: to write a newspaper article on the same story.  

The pupils all learned a huge amount. Aside from learning some skills of broadcasting, they improved their confidence, their presenting skills, their team work and their organisation. The final product is still in the editing suite but here's a sneak preview!