International Pupils Say Goodbye

South African exchange pupils, Quinlan C and Amy M, present during Chapel about their time at Glenalmond College.

Chapel Presentation to School
Glenalmond College
By: Quinlan C and Amy M

Quinlan: Take every opportunity that comes your way and use it to the fullest. Live life with a purpose.

Amy: We heard about the opportunity of coming to Scotland and did everything we possibly could in order to make that happen. We had the courage and mind-set to act upon sensing an opportunity.

Q: From the moment I walked in the College I felt as if I was at home. The College accepted me for who I was.

A: The hospitality was incomparable to any other school. This school accepts people from all different parts of the world and from diverse cultures.

Q: I fit right in. Found similarities among each and every person I interacted with despite out huge cultural differences. I had so many questions about them and their culture and so did they about mine.

A: Both Ben and Scarlet brought us into their homes and showed us around Scotland.

Q: I’ve had my fair share of Scotland. From grouse beating to eating black pudding and haggis. I have been to Edinburgh and visited the Castle, as well as the place where Harry Potter was written.

A: I’ve also been to Edinburgh and went to the Camera Obscura and saw some of Scotland’s main tourist attractions. I climbed Arthur’s Seat and while I walked around the City, I also popped into quit a few shops.

Q: Glenalmond and Kingswood are very similar. We are both co-ed boarding schools, we both have people from all over the world and we both have a beautiful and friendly environment.

Q: We are both Christian based school that follow a very similar routine. We also have Chapel every morning and base a lot of our activities around Christianity.

A: However, our school day starts a lot earlier than yours and Saturday school is non-existent. Rain isn’t as much of an issue; I don’t think I’ve ever seen such green grass in my life.

A: Kingswood is a great school and there is so much to show you in South Africa. Live animals in the natural habitat. We have cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, lions, crocodiles, springboks, elephants and many more.

Q: We both hope to see some people from the fourth form in South Africa in the near future. A: This trip has challenged and transformed us into better human beings.

Quinlan and Amy

A: Thanks you so much for having us here at your school. Your hospitality and acceptance has been very comforting. We are grateful.

Q: We promise to offer you the same hospitality and acceptance if you were to come over to South Africa. It has been an absolute honour to attend Glenalmond College.

Thoughts from Glenalmond Staff:

"From the moment Quinlan arrived, it was clear he was a true Mathesonian - he worked hard, played hard and was a true gentleman! He fitted in to the 5th Form seamlessly and soon developed some strong friendships with the boys. 

Despite not really playing rugby anymore back home - who would have thought that about a South African! - the soft ground and enthusiasm of the other boys tempted him back, and he made an excellent addition to the U16s. 
Quinlan was a real advert for his School in SA, and for the exchange programme. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his time here, and I know he is desperate for members of Coll to follow him back to his motherland!" Mr Ed Philips, Housemaster Matheson's


"Amy settled into Goodacre's really well. She made friends with girls both in Goodacre's and the other girl's houses and had a lovely leave out weekend with a friend in Edinburgh.
Amy is a great hockey player and played for the 1st X1 hockey team during her time here. She was a great asset to the team and will be missed for the remainder of the season. 
Amy has a very cheerful disposition, a cheeky smile and found getting out of bed a little tough on the cold and dark mornings! All in all Amy is a good egg and was a great representative of her school in SA." Mrs Andrea Goodall, Housemisstress Goodacre's 


We were delighted to have two such fabulous pupils join our school for the Michaelmas Term from their home school of Kingswood College, Grahamstown, South Africa and welcome many more years of such exchanges.

For our current fourth form pupils, the return exchange will take place in July/August 2018. Letters and application forms will be sent to parents shortly, with decisions made before the New Year.