Junior Maths Challenge 2018 - Results

Three Pupils Awarded Certificares in the 2018 Junior Maths Challenge.

We are delighted to announce that three Second Form pupils achieved certificates in the recent UK Mathematics Trust, Junior Maths Challenge 2018.

Flora K (Lothian) came first with a Silver certificate, while Ellen M (Lothian) and Gianni S (Cairnies) both achieved Bronze certificates.

Junior Maths Challenge

Pupils sat the exam on Thursday 26 April and had one hour to sit the paper of 25 questions. Five marks were awarded for each correct answer to questions 1-15, with six marks are awarded for each correct answer to questions 16-25. However, each incorrect answer to questions 16-20 lost 1 mark and each incorrect answer to questions 21-25 lost 2 marks.

Therefore, the questions on the paper challenge participants to think, not to guess. More marks are earnt and more satisfaction is gained, by doing one question carefully than by guessing lots of answers. The UK JMC is about solving interesting problems, not about lucky guessing.

We are very proud of what our pupils have achieved and look forward to seeing them continue to compete in the Maths Challenges.