Musical Marines join forces with Glenalmond pupils

Hosted by the school, Royal Marines Musicians, and pupils from the College Concert Band, entertained a packed theatre with a broad range of pieces, beginning with a stirring rendition of ‘Festival Prelude’ by Albert Reed.

Arriving at Coll from Rosyth during the afternoon, the thirty five Band members rehearsed with a similar number of school musicians. Assistant Director of Music Jasmine Neufeld and Mike Robinson had only a few hours to pull together the production: “Everyone just worked together beautifully,” said Ms Neufeld, “we were, quite literally, playing from the same song sheet.” Dr Tim Ridley commented on the visiting bands arrival: “The Royal Marines just turned up and, like a well-oiled machine, simply got on with things. Everyone had a role and everyone got the job done.”

At the end of each day, wherever they are in the world, The Royal Navy and Royal Marines take down the Union flag while the Sunset Ceremony is played. This night was no different. While there wasn’t red, white and blue to remove, the traditional bugle call rang out which, preceded by the Naval Hymn Eternal Father, transported the audience to an ocean far away.

HM Royal Marines Band