'My Family in a Human Pyramid' by Glenalmond Pupils

Pupils explore the work of Welsh poet, Jonathan Edwards

Pupils from the 3rd Form and Lower 6th English classes have been exploring Jonathan Edwards' poem 'My Family in a Human Pyramid' by building their own human pyramids and then writing their own version of the poem. 

My Family in a Human Pyramid

'My Family in a Human Pyramid' is the opening poem in Edwards' 2014 Costa Prizewinning collection 'My Family and Other Superheroes. The collection focusses on Edwards' life in Wales and explores the various roles family play during your life.

We would like to thank Lower 6th pupils Armorel R, James H and Finn McC for allowing us to share their finished poems below: 

My Family in a Human Pyramid
My Uncle at the centre, holds himself strong, 
Above him, both my mother and auntie kneel elegantly in a lady like manner,
An occasional shake, yet the pyramid remains mostly still
As I delicately reach out for my mother's hand and I take my place on top.
My brother's muscular shoulders protect me from falling, 
Falling back down to the prickled, sharp tipped, stalks of grass. 
I like it up here. Despite the cool breeze overwhelming my face, 
Weightlessness and fearlessness flood my body.
I reach out to the sky.
My father's back begins to ache, 
My mother lets out a faint yet painful sounding breath,
I no longer feel stable,
Yet I don't want to get down. 
Not just yet.


My Family in a Human Pyramid
Kneeling, I crouch,
No longer the youngest,
My siblings help me up,
Yet they seem so far away.
My large family, together at last.
Cousins with their small children
Placing them at the top,
Too high for anyone to reach.
Everyone watches closely, 
Focusing on the young
As they are passed up like gifts.
Yet we do not forget the old
As my parents take my weight,
Our lives all resting on their shoulders. 


My Family in a Human Pyramid
The first layer is rather unsteady,
Structured with not only love but also loss,
The journey for my grandpa most say was tough
But he is a strong man who carries us all. 
Under us, yet the reason we can reach tall. 
Thank you, grandad. With love from us all. 
As we slowly go up, the years go down
Along with experience and knowledge.
James, the youngest, is in the middle
Convinced that his strength outrules everyone else. 
As I float effortlessly up with Mark
We can see the pyramid growing, growing,
And it is all thanks to you grandpa
Who will carry us on his back forever.