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Glenalmond pupil Edward G, a keen naturalist and son of organic farmers, has had a article published in the New Nature magazine (May edition).

Upper Sixth Former Edward G, a keen naturalist and son of organic farmers has written a very interesting piece which has been published in the New Nature Magazine (May edition) talking about the decline of farmland wildlife since the 1960's.

He also talks about areas of positive change to some practices of farming such as farmers now ploughing in contours, similar to terracing which allows soil runoff to be captured and keeps the nutrients in the soil and reduces water pollution.  Another positive example is farmers planting trees amongst crops; such as in a farm in Cambridgeshire where they have planted apple trees amongst wheat and have seen faster growth and a better crop of apples being produced.  The third example he writes about is the introduction of Longhorn cattle, Exmoor ponies and Tamworth pigs as grazers where there is poor soil and unsuitable arable farming land.  The result is that the woodland area now supports 11 turtle dove pairs, 32 nightingale pairs and the owners are in profit through the sale of their beef from the cattle.

Edward says, "We now have the formula, so let’s use this to halt the decline of our important species around the countryside."

The article was very well written and made some very interesting points; well done Edward and we look forward to reading more from you in the future. 

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 Edward Grierson