Rainbow Dress Easy Day

Today's post Leave-Out dress easy day was rainbow themed in an effort to support the work of our chosen charity, Stonewall. 

Today wasn't just about showing support with bright colours, rainbow prints and funky laces. Our morning began with a Chapel talk from Upper Sixth pupil, Lotte R (Goodacre's), who educated pupils and staff on the history behind the Stonewall charity and the LGBT rights movement (excerpts below)

'...Unsurprisingly, the 60s were not a welcoming time if you were gay, lesbian or trans, and people would flock to gay bars where they could express themselves openly.

Cairnies Boys 2019

The Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village New York, was one of these gay bars, owned by the Mafia who would bribe the police to look the other way. Without police interference, the Mafia could cut costs by having watered down drinks, awful plumbing and it was also said that they blackmailed their wealthier clients to keep their sexuality a secret. However it was still a hotspot for people to express themselves freely, they allowed drag queens, dancing and was also a place for homeless youths who had nowhere else to go during the night.

However in the early hours of the 28th June 1969, police raided the institution, roughed up patrons and arrested 13 people. Fed up with constant harassment, people flocked outside of the bar instead of dispersing, their anger increasing with them being manhandled. Within minutes a full blown riot was formed of humans sick of being treated like second class citizens. The riots lasted for five days. Although there had been other times when gay groups held protests, this was the first time in history that gay men, women and transgender people saw the value in grouping together for a common cause. Stonewall was a spark for civil rights movements, catalysing the formation many gay rights groups over the next few years, and eventually led to events like Pride, which in honour of Stonewall happen in the summer...'

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It was during her Chapel talk, that Lotte announced the formation of a new 'Stonewall Group' at Glenalmond to honour the charity. The group of friends and teachers meet once a week and invite anyone who is interested in queer history and promoting equality, to join them. 

'...My main hope with all of this is that it will start positive conversations. And continue conversations that are happening already. So everyone can support their friends, family and neighbours, to get to a point where sexuality doesn’t predetermine anything. Let’s make Glenalmond a place where people can feel good about who they are and who they know they will be, regardless of who they love. It’s a shame we didn’t talk more often but let’s talk now.'

Read Lotte's full talk.

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