St Fillans Music Circle Concert

Six Glenalmond pupils traveled to St Fillans to perform at the St Fillans Music Circle private music appreciation society.

Six Sixth Form Glenalmond pupils Katie B (Lothian), Alex M (Goodacre's), Angus G (Skrine's), Conrad I (Reid's), Ellie R (Goodacre's) and Alexander W (Patchell's) travelled to St Fillans on the banks of Loch Earn, in glorious spring sunshine to give a concert to the St Fillans Music Circle private music appreciation society. 

St Fillans

It is hugely to the pupils' credit that only six of them were able to provide almost two hours worth of musical entertainment. Everybody played or sang at least two pieces, many of them performing multi-movement works.  This was also an opportunity for almost everyone to give a first full run through of their Gala Concert concerto. The poor Sandison Hall upright piano was given a thorough work-out, not just from Alex W's three solo piano pieces, but by Mrs Nicholson and Dr Ridley recreating the concertos' orchestral accompaniments.

The concert was enormously well received, the only downside being that pupils (and staff) missed out on the opportunity to run in the School Steeplechase. To compensate, they enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Comrie Fish & Chip shop - another fine annual tradition!