WBS welcomes Lieutenant Colonel Duncan Forbes

We were privileged to welcome Lieutenant Colonel Duncan Forbes Royal Marines, Commanding Officer 45 Commando, to speak to the William Bright Society this week.

"Recently returned from America where they were taking part in a large scale exercise with the US Marine Corps. Lt Col Forbes spoke about leadership, the process of making decisions, and the benefits of making mistakes.

Lieutenant Colonel Duncan Forbes Royal Marines

Illustrating his points with stories from his own military experience, he spoke eloquently about pushing yourself, being decisive (don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness), doing the small things well (referencing the infamous wet and dry routine), exploring Hemmingway’s claim that courage is grace under pressure (it gets harder when it gets harder), working as a team (pick up the spare batteries - it’s not the team with the best players, but the players with the best team, in the words of Babe Ruth), and his final request not to forget your toothbrush (don’t be an armchair critic, citing a famous quotation from Roosevelt).

Most striking was his echoing our current mantras about resilience, learning to cope with making mistakes, self reflection, and having the humility to learn all the time. This was an insightful and truly inspirational evening for the WBS, and, on a personal level, a real pleasure for me to welcome my old friend to Glenalmond."

George Pounder