British School Girls' Ski Racing Competition 2016

The recent ski trip was deemed to have been a great success resulting in a Silver medal for the Grand Slalom race.

 Girls Ski Team Jan 2016



Tasha N has written a report of the trip highlighting how much enjoyment and technique experience was gained over the week.


On the January leave out, the ski team set out on a trip to the French Alps for the annual British School Girls (BSGR) ski racing competition. Before we knew it, Flaine had welcomed us with a sunny smile and we were waiting with anticipation in the ski hire shop. The feeling of excitement rose amongst the team as we were hurriedly fastening the last clasps on our ski boots before conquering the slopes. It was an amazing sensation to be back on skis again and everyone was thrilled.

After the first afternoon of free skiing, we finally retired to our accommodation which was both comfortable and practical - not least because it was only two steps away from the slopes! We were then greeted by the race representatives and they presented us with a few freebies and a T-Shirt with the BSGR logo. All the girls thought that this was a nice touch and a quality souvenir.

The two training days we had with Franck, our amazing, inspiring and friendly ski coach, passed in a flash. It seemed like we hardly had time to blink twice before we were in the racing gates. The pre-race sensation is a difficult one to describe; the wait in the line leading to the start is agonizing. Breathing intensifies, heart rate quickens, adrenaline rises. However, all this disappears when the skis hit the race piste - and all you want to do is ski for your life! Clattering the slalom gates as you whizz past is immensely satisfying - you just want to go faster and faster. Once you reach the bottom, all your teammates are there to congratulate and support you; the teamspirit is fantastic.

The races took place in the mornings which allowed for us to have a sumptuous lunch to regain our strength. One little restaurant became our favourite, where we could order Savoyarde delicacies such as Fondue, Tartiflettes, Croutes au Fromage... Then, we would spend the afternoon skiing with Mrs Erdal - our marvelous coach and chaperone. This five day trip ended in a with an rapturous prizegiving in which I was fortunate enough to bring back a silver medal in the Grand Slalom.

To celebrate this success and the overall team effort, Mrs Erdal took us out for an exquisite beef fondue which we all enjoyed. To capture the spirit of the trip, let me conclude with a few choice quotes from our team members:

"The training was really fun and I definitely learned a lot. The race conditions were great and I was quite lucky with my bib numbers. I had an amazing time!" - Georgie A, Third Form

"I had never done any racing before but everybody was really helpful in explaining what I had to do and in the end it was great fun. This was a great experience and I would definitely do it again if I had the chance!" Carolina R, Lower Sixth

"Franck was a lovely ski instructor, who I am sure inspired all of us. He made me take a few steps further in developing my skiing, so I now feel much more confident skiing faster and on grounds that I do not know. The British School Girls Races event is definitely something I will never forget. It was indeed the best leave-out ever." Kirstine M, Lower Sixth Report by Tasha N, Fifth Form

Results: Tasha N had a great race, coming second in the Giant Slalom unregistered U16 category.  Her team mate Georgie A finished every run, and the team came 33rd overall.


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