Golf: OG v Pupils at Glenalmond

The golf course was in excellent condition for the OG v pupils match.....

On a good day for golf, and with the Cainies course in excellent condition, the OGs and pupils played their fourth match of the academic year. With defeats at Elie and Panmure and a solitary win at Luffness the pupils were keen to draw level in this final encounter. Alas, the three morning foursomes all went to the more wily and experienced OGs led by Jamie Skinner. But with Harry Morgan arriving to take over and lead the afternoon team there was, we were told, a slight chance for the pupils. Indeed, with wins in the opening singles for Eleanor Skinner (captain for the pupils)  and Tim Herzer, followed by Edward Hannay the unthinkable was beginning to seem possible. Unfortunately the pupils head of steam came to a  grinding halt as the OGs won the last three games and with it the cup by 6 points to 3 points. 

A most enjoyable day for all. A special thank you to the grounds-staff and especially Donald for all his hard work in presenting the course in such great condition. Also to our wonderful catering staff for a good lunch.

The Pupils: Eleanor Skinner, Tim Herzer, Edward Hannay, Friedrich Scheer-Hennings, Alekse Popov, and Harri Rowley

OG: Jamie Skinner (morning captain) , Fergus Skinner, Harry Morgan (afternoon Captain), John Davis, William Sleigh, John Gordon, and Bobby Dickson,

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OG v Pupils golf match may 2017