MCC v 1st XI, OGs return to Coll

OG Callum Martin (Reid’s 2004-’09) Captains MCC side against Coll 1st X1 and scores 108 not out!

Despite early snow and blustery conditions the match took place at Coll on Tuesday 28th April. OG Mark Assiter (Reid’s 2004-’09) and Callum Martin came down from Aberdeenshire for the day to join pupils and MMC teammates. During his first trip back to Coll since leaving six years ago, Callum, who plays for Aberdeenshire CC said: “It’s great to be back, although I don’t remember snow-capped hills when I last played on this ground!”


Players had a slap-up lunch in the newly-painted pavilion before enjoying a sunny afternoon’s play and tea. MCC set the 1st X1 208 to win as of 15:00 BST. Watch this space!




If you have any questions or would like to get involved in future OG matches please do hesitate to contact Matthew Waterston (Mathesons 2002-2007) or contact the Development office or 01738 842046.