SCIS Classics Conference 2014

The annual SCIS Classics Conference was held at Glenalmond this week.

As the keynote speaker, Dr Michael Scott from Warwick University talked about the ancient oracle of Delphi, and suggested reasons for why it stood as the centre of the world for over a thousand years. Explaining its significance for the Greek world he analysed why it was so popular when there were so many other oracles all over Greece: it was certainly more than a "one stop shop" for getting your fortune told. This inspired, interested and enlightened the assembled teachers and Glenalmond pupils alike. As ever, there followed sessions considering the A Level reforms, SQA and prep school issues, and a focus at the end of the day on teaching and learning Latin language, in which we all bought in wholeheartedly to the principles of the Glenalmond Learning Project. We were once again very pleased to host this conference at Glenalmond, reinforcing Glenalmond's spiritual link with the spiritual Delphi as the centre of the world.