Countdown to #Coll24

What is #Coll24?

Last year we raised £4000 for Children’s Hospices Across Scotland in the first #Coll24 - a 24 hour relay of runners and walkers, each completing 10k. This year #Coll24 forms part of #Challenge175 which is raising funds to go to bursaries to allow children who would not otherwise be able to attend a school like Glenalmond to come here. We have already raised over £60,000 - well done to everyone who has taken part so far!

While we are aiming to raise funds, please don't worry if you are not able to raise the target £175 in sponsorship - it is just a guide and not essential. The main idea is to get out and exercise, have fun, and complete a 10k, with those taking part starting at noon on May 1 and finishing at noon on May 2. 

Who is taking part?

All Glenalmond College pupils will be taking part by either running or walking the school’s cross country route. We would like everyone to enjoy the experience and all fun ideas (as long as they are safe) will be welcomed. If you want to walk it three-legged with a friend or dress up or pass a rugby ball to a fellow pupil for the duration of the 10k - absolutely fine! The main thing is to get outside, get lots of fresh air and get some exercise.

Who else is taking part?

Anyone who has any connection with Glenalmond College, wherever they are in the world - this ranges from former pupils and staff to the families of our pupils to anyone with a link to Glenalmond. If you follow this link it will take you to the fundraising page where you can register or donate.

How are we ensuring we are adhering to social distancing requirements?

School pupils will be running in year group bubbles and the run on the Glenalmond College grounds is open to anyone living on the school campus.  If you live at Glenalmond College you can run as an individual, following the route on the attached maps. Anyone who lives elsewhere may do this on a route of their own choosing at any time, observing the social distancing rules which are currently still in force. 

Do I have to run or can I walk the route?

The event challenge is for you to be sponsored to complete 10 kilometres on foot. You may walk if you wish as there is no race time element to this event. We expect some runners to push themselves as much as we expect those who may not do much physical activity currently, to push themselves off the couch and around a route!

What if we are over subscribed with runners?

We have the ability to add in extra start times and have as many people running as possible. We could, if needed, have runners set off together and head in different directions or if needed, we can start at half hour intervals. 

What if I think I can't complete 10K?

If we have enough runners for each slot and more wish to take part, it may be that we can have runners who could complete this in stages. For instance, runner 1 could leave Front Arch and run to Cairnies via the route. Runner 2 could then run from Cairnies and round the Golf Course, handing back off to runner 1 who would then return to Front Arch. More runners could be in each group but there will be a limit of four (unless you are a family). These runners could be members of the same household, or (providing social distancing rules are adhered to) may be individuals. For school pupils wishing to do this, please contact Mr Smith first of all so we can plan your times and route accordingly.

What about running through the night?

We will provide runners with head torches and Mr. Nichols has volunteered to camp on the far side of the Golf Course for the evening. He will do a halfway check in and he will be in touch with the control tent at Front Arch via radio. Runners would be advised to wear hi viz or reflective gear whilst taking part during any twilight hours.

What if I injure myself on the 10k?

Mr Nichols and Mr Smith will be in contact and will have an expected ETA at each point. We will have a Gator to use as well as a First Aid kit in case we need to help anyone off the course.

Can parents or others support?

If you are not a pupil or member of staff in Glenalmond, please do not come to school for this event. Parents are not able to come into school for this event due to COVID restrictions. There will be an identifiable 10K route near where you live (for example the North Inch, for those who live in Perth) or please feel free to work out your own route.

Please keep an eye on our school social media feeds (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram) for posts - Ms McLaren in our Marketing team would love to receive pictures or a short video of under one minute (perhaps at completion). If you have STRAVA or another mapping app on your phone, you could send in the route once you have completed it. 

Who else is taking part?

The wider Glenalmond Community and our Global Glenalmond network, throughout the world, have all been invited to take part in the Challenge!

Where do I sign up for this fantastic event?

Pupils need to add their names to the form circulated by Mr Smith and a time slot they wish to run/walk. Some of the times throughout the weekend are blocked out for junior and day pupils. Pupils in school should consider any exams they have on Monday morning and choose sensible time slots taking this into consideration.

Non-pupils should send

In this short video Mr Smith, Director of Sport, inspires our pupils to get behind #Coll24 -!