Abandoned Annie Enjoying Life at Glenalmond

An abandoned Jack Russell cross Chihuahua is now enjoying spending her days in the beautiful grounds of one of the UK’s top schools, after being rescued from a dog pound in Ireland.

Annie And Ciara

Annie, named after the orphan star of the musical, has found a loving home with Ciara Donnelly, who is the Head of Finance at Glenalmond College in Perthshire.

Tiny Annie is now a regular visitor to the school and has become a popular canine addition to the team at Glenalmond which has one of the most stunning settings in the world. 

Despite her diminutive size, Annie has a very big character, according to Ciara, who says she is very fortunate that the school, set in more than 300 acres, is happy for Annie to join her in the office every day.

“She might be small but she has lots of energy and loves coming out for runs with me and, of course, for walks in the school grounds. She has her own cosy bed in my office and when I am working she is usually snoozing but she is always ready to bounce into action again at the end of the day,” added Ciara.

The background which led up to Annie being abandoned is not fully known but she is thought to be around eight years old and is now a very well-adjusted happy, little dog.

“She likes company and I am very lucky that Glenalmond is a very friendly place to work and has made Annie welcome. 

“Because almost all staff live here on site there is a lovely community feeling and lots of families with dogs around. It is a great place to work and Annie is very happy here too,” said Ciara.

Caption: Ciara Donnelly, Head of Finance at Glenalmond College, pictured with Annie in the stunning quad at the heart of the Perthshire school.