Animal Farm

The animals they are revolting….

Orwell’s novel, adapted to a stage play by Peter Hall with lyrics by Adrian Mitchell and music by Richard Peaslee, is a satirical take on the events of the Russian revolution. During four consecutive performances, the professional juniors interpreted the story brilliantly.

The nostalgic and atmospheric farmyard vignette, including pitch forks and swinging barnyard doors, garnered an atmosphere of decay and struggle, thus symbolising a metaphor for historical Russia during this period of political uncertainty.

The actors, knee-deep in straw, were presented with the perfect platform to convey Orwell’s light-hearted adaptation while in no way jeopardising the savage nature of the tale.

Throughout the show, the cast were joined by 45 fellow junior pupils who provided an energetic ensemble and an impressive musical accompaniment. Long Live Animal Farm! The play will indeed live long in the memories of those fortunate enough to see this extravaganza.

Ryan Bromilow

To view photographs taken from the night please visit flikr

 Animal Farm