Fond Farewell to Four Members of Staff

Glenalmond this week says a very fond farewell to four members of staff - Mr Jeremy Gardner, Dr Sue Colby, Mrs Lizzie Critchley and Dr Sarah Alexander.

Our grateful thanks go to all four members of staff and send them our very best wishes for the future.

Mr Jeremy Gardner: Glenalmond this week says a very fond farewell to Jeremy Gardner, who has retired after twenty years at the school and has, in this time, been the exemplary boarding school teacher. 

He has taught French, German and English as an Additional Language, and run the new pupil induction programme. He has tutored in Goodacre’s and Reid’s under five housemasters, and been Contingent Commander for the CCF - running the RAF section, attending 42 camps and taking cadets flying at a very fond Leuchars over 80 times. 

As if this were not enough, he coached rugby for 16 seasons and introduced two-term football to the school as well as coaching cricket every summer; he has sung in the bass section of the chapel choir and recently made his stage acting debut as a sailor in "Anything Goes". Last, but not least, he stepped up to take over doing chapel flowers, which he says he found ‘rather therapeutic’. He has also been known to play the drums on occasion!

As well as the gratitude of countless pupils in these respects, the staff have been grateful for his tireless work as SCR professional member: his daily update of the staff noticeboard has been very assiduous, and not without humour - and has helped us all.

He has been a superb teacher and colleague and we wish Jeremy and Michelle every happiness in their retirement in Suffolk.  We hope that the cathedral of Bury St Edmunds will benefit from both his voice and his flower-arranging skills – and perhaps the leafy lanes of that area will resound to the drum parts of rock songs for many a long year.

Dr Sue Colby: Dr Susan Colby joined Glenalmond 18 years ago as a teacher of Biology and Chemistry. She soon moved full time into Biology and has been inspiring pupils ever since. Pupils are delighted when they discover that Dr Colby is teaching them as she drives the top scientists and supports those that find Biology trickier.

If pupils do not understand a concept Sue will deliver it in another way and also devote her free periods to help them. Sue is always trying new methods in her teaching and we often pick up new ideas through lesson observations or departmental meetings.  Outside of the classroom Sue was a regular on the Biology Field Trip to Cumbria, she leads the Learning Project,  runs Medical Society and  mentors those applying for Medical, Veterinary and Dentistry degrees. She is dependable, inspirational, generous, funny and approachable. Sue will certainly be missed here at Glenalmond but we wish her well as she joins husband Tim in Sheffield. 

Mrs Lizzie Critchley: Mrs Lizzie Critchley has brought a huge amount of warmth and personality, not just to the Learning Support  department but to the wider Glenalmond college community for the past 13 years.

It is exactly this warm energy that has made Lizzie popular with pupils and staff alike. She is fair, listens, doesn't judge and cares very much about her charges. It is these characteristics that make her incredibly easy to work with as a colleague and to work alongside as is the case with her pupils. Lizzie leaves us to move closer to her much-loved family and we wish her every happiness in the future.

Dr Sarah Alexander: Coll was fortunate this year to have Dr Sarah Alexander join the Classics department. With her doctorate from St John’s, Cambridge (balancing up the department nicely), Sarah has provided excellent teaching, erudition, wit and humour in equal measure and we are sorry to see her go.  Sarah will be very missed by pupils and colleagues alike, not only for her teaching but also as a tutor and the woman behind the Philosophy Society - hugely appreciated by the members who relished the chance to discover and debate the roots of so much of our modern thinking.  We wish Sarah well in her new role, much closer to home, at Robert Gordon's.