Former Pupil is Ambassador for Pioneering Marine Project

Former pupil Dougie Wainwright is delighted to be an ambassador for an innovative marine conservation non-profit, Cyan Planet, which is developing a virtual reality game called “How is the Water?”

Dougie Wainwrght

This new educational tool allows you to explore the sea as a dolphin, with the aim of spreading awareness of marine issues and bringing the ocean to people, particularly children. All the animals featured in the VR game are exact 3D replicates of their real-life counterparts in the wild.
A further aim is to create a digital database of marine life to preserve a record of species and create real coral reefs with the Reef Life Foundation Foundation.
The project has won several awards already and has the backing of organisations including Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the DMAD - Marine Mammals Research Association and Marine Connection.
More information can be found at or #InspiringOGs #GlenalmondAlumni #wildlife #conservation