Glenalmond Christmas Current Affairs Quiz

If you would like to take part in our Christmas Current Affairs Quiz - the questions and answers are below. Good luck!

Steve Smith JumperNatural World

  1. In October, a near complete skeleton of a T-Rex dinosaur was sold by Christie’s Auction House for £24.6 million. What nickname does this T-Rex skeleton go by? Stan

  2. In November, a study of hundreds of thousands of 19 year olds from across the globe confirmed which country as having the tallest people on average? Netherlands

  3. Which Turkish city was hit by a major earthquake in November, which killed over 30 people and injured more than 800? Izmir

  4. In September, which popular crisp brand was forced to redesign their packaging because it was almost impossible to recycle. Pringles

  5. In November, which reed was reported to have lost half of its coral since 1995 due to warming sea temperatures? Great Barrier Reef


Culture and Media

  1. The actor Chadwick Boseman passed away in September. Which movie role is he best known for? Black Panther

  2. In September, which actress known for her role in the 1960s series the Avengers, died at the age of 82? Diana Rigg

  3. In September, Donald Fear became the first contestant to win £1million on Who Wants to be a Millionaire for 14 years. What is his occupation? History Teacher

  4. In October, who was made a Dame for her services to broadcasting, the culinary arts and charity? Mary Berry

  5. Which cartoon bear celebrated his 100th birthday in November? Rupert the Bear


  1. In September, which country announced that it would match the salaries of female football players with that of male football players for representing their country?


  1. Which Japanese Tennis player won the US Open in New York in September? Naomi Osaka

  2. In November, which country finally won the Six Nations Rugby tournament after an 8 month delay due to Covid? England

  3. Name the olympic boxer who, in September, was announced as being the first celebrity to form a same sex couple on Strictly Come Dancing. Nicola Adams

  4. In November, which English player was named as player of the tournament in the Women’s Six Nations Rugby Tournament? Emily Scarret



  1. In November, who was suspended from the Labour Party for his reaction to the report on Anti-Semitism within the party? Jeremy Corbyn

  2. Name the city that Joe Biden and Donal Trump visited on the same day in September. New York

  3. Which country launched impeachment proceedings against its president, Martin Vizcarra in September? Peru

  4. In November, which country experienced public riots following a government ruling on the banning of abortions? Poland

  5. In November, the world’s longest serving prime minister died having been prime minister of which country for the last 49 years? Bahrain

Coronavirus Related


  1. In September, which well known sprinter tested positive for Coronavirus following his 34th birthday party? Usain Bolt

  2. In September, which country became the first to put a Covid vaccine into general use? Russia

  3. In November, which celebrity was accused of being insensitive after ignoring lockdown rules spending her 40th birthday on a private island with a large group of family and friends? Kim Kardashian West

  4. In late October,  to where did the Queen make her first official visit following lockdown? Porton Down

  5. The Royal Family of which country flew home from their holiday in Greece after just one day following outcry from citizens who had been advised to stay at home under Coronavirus restrictions?  The Netherlands