Glenalmond College Open Week - June 19 - 26

Glenalmond College is looking forward to hosting an Open Week later this month, starting with our Open Day on June 19th and finishing with our Outdoor Fun Morning on June 26.

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Our Glenalmond College Open Week (19-26 June) will see the return of in-person visits to Glenalmond College, offering visiting families the opportunity to enjoy a COVID-safe tour of the school and meet staff and pupils.

Glenalmond has been pleased to welcome hundreds of families to its Online Open Days during recent months and, while in-person visits were not possible, interested parents and their children have been able to get a keen sense what sets the school apart by making a Virtual Visit.

However, with restrictions continuing to ease and Perth and Kinross now in Tier 1, Glenalmond is delighted to be able to offer a dedicated week of visiting opportunities, by arrangement with our friendly, professional Admissions team.

Children aged 11 and 12 who are interested in finding out what life feels like at Glenalmond are invited to join us for an Outdoor Fun Morning on June 26th as part of our Open Week activities. 

Parents often tell us that, while their research and word of mouth had highlighted Glenalmond as a fantastic option for their children, what really impacted on their decision to choose Glenalmond was the very special "feel" of our school. This is the sixth sense experience you get when you are actually here, standing in our Front Quad taking in the school and our pupils chatting happily as they walk to their next lessons. 

Our pupils emerge from school ready to take on their next chapter in life, full of ambition and well prepared to make a real difference in whatever direction their lives take. However, as well as being remarkable young citizens, full of pride for their school, our pupils share a sense of humilty and awareness of how very lucky they are to have benefitted from a Glenalmond education.

We are delighted to be welcoming families back for in-person visits to Glenalmond. To book a visit, or find out more about the extraordinary education Glenalmond offers, contact our Admissions team on 01738 842144.

You can also register for our Online Open Day on June 19 HERE.