Glenalmond Offers Young People Free LinkedIn Training

Glenalmond College is offering an exciting opportunity to all sixteen and seventeen-year-olds, as part of an online initiative this month.

Sixth Form Info EveningGlenalmond is offering every young person who takes part in the event on November 17th free training to create a polished, career-enhancing Linkedin profile.

Every pupil who signs up for the Sixth Form online event will be invited to join a training session delivered by one of the UK’s leading experts on Linkedin - the professional networking platform which now has around 700 million global users. 

Pupils who attend the virtual event will also be offered tips on careers and university choices during the evening, including advice on interview techniques. In addition, they will have the opportunity to meet and ask questions to pupils currently in the Sixth Form at Glenalmond.

Steve Smith, Head of Sixth Form at Glenalmond, said the event will not only offer an insight into the experience offered by the Sixth Form at the school, but also to help all the young people who take part to improve their skills.

“Pupils join us for Sixth Form - years 12 and 13 - from the local area and all over the world and we have been working hard to deliver something really special here at Glenalmond. The result is an overall experience you can’t get anywhere else,” said Mr Smith. 

Glenalmond is, he said, the only school to offer A-Levels, Highers and Extended Project Qualifications coupled with a choice of 80 activities including leadership training with Royal Marine Commandos. 

This unique combination, Mr Smith added, means Glenalmond pupils have an experience which sees them emerge from Sixth Form as exciting prospects for universities and future employers, routinely with three A-Levels, a foreign language Higher and an EPQ.

From this year, all Upper Sixth pupils at Glenalmond will also receive coaching on how to create a really impactful, professional Linkedin profile. This training, and that being offered to those attending the online event this month, will be delivered by former Glenalmond pupil, Miles Duncan, Chief Executive of Linkedin Success Systems.

Mr Duncan, who founded Linkedin Success Systems after a career which included working for Drambuie in the Middle East and Africa, said Linkedin has really taken off  in recent months.

“A really strong professional profile has never been more important than it is now when face-to-face relationship building is almost impossible,” said Mr Duncan.

“We have clients from a wide range of sectors but this is the first school I have worked with and it is fantastic that it happens to be my old school. Glenalmond has grasped an opportunity which will be invaluable for young people.

“It will allow their pupils - and all those who attend this month’s Sixth Form event -  to make a strong impact on potential employers and others in the education and business worlds.” 

This latest initiative continues a raft of  innovations by the Perthshire school which last month launched COVID-friendly safari-style school visits. This will see visitors remain inside their own vehicles throughout the visit, during which they will be led through the school's 300 acres of grounds in their vehicles and provided with a running commentary.

To join the Sixth Form Introduction event and receive the free Linkedin training, sign-up here, More information about the event is available here.