Glenalmond Sculpture Shortlisted for National Award

A stunning fish sculpture created by a Glenalmond-based artist from an old cattle feeder and other scrap metal, has been shortlisted for a national award.

Sarah Draper 1


The work was installed at the Waste Education Boardwalk (WEBWalk) at Friarton Recycling Centre in Perth last summer where it has been helping to educate young people about the importance of looking after the environment.

The Friarton Fish was commissioned by the environmental charity Beautiful Perth with Perth and Kinross Council as part of the 2019 RHS Britain in Bloom competition entry and was funded by Zero Waste, Perth. 

Local farmer Willie Simpson donated the aged cattle ringfeeder which formed the base of the sculpture which has been shortlisted for the Gaga Galvanising Construction Industry Awards 2020. 

The conversion from “turf to surf” was led by artist Sarah-Louise Wilson (Sarah Draper), who created the work at Glenalmond where she lives with husband Guy Draper, a Housemaster at Glenalmond College. 

Ms Wilson, who also has a studio at The Creative Exchange in Perth, said she is thrilled the work has been shortlisted. She extended her thanks to all those at Glenalmond College and the surrounding community who donated metal and helped with the creation of the spectacular giant fish, designed with functionality as a receptacle for plastic bottles at the Centre. 

“The brief was to create a sculpture which would raise awareness of plastic pollution in lakes, rivers and oceans, its effects on marine life and to demonstrate what can be made from discarded metal objects,” she explained.

A variety of other scrap metal objects were included in the structure, including parts of two trampolines, a bed frame, a food mixer, part of a washing machine, garden fencing and wire mesh.

This is the first metal public artwork Mrs Draper has produced, having always wanted to produce public artworks for everyone to enjoy in settings outside of the gallery space. 

The project came together incredibly quickly after the metal components needed were sourced and in fact was completed in a remarkable two weeks from initial ideas and sourcing the materials to adding the finishing touches and making it a functional public artwork.

Friends, family and the staff and pupils at Glenalmond College are all backing Mrs Draper and keeping their fingers crossed the sculpture created at Glenalmond emerges as the winner. 

Public vote plays a part in the decision on the overall winner and to vote all you have to do is visit