Glenalmond Sends Wildlife Pouches to Australia

Staff at Glenalmond College in Perthshire have been getting behind an initiative to help wildlife affected by the Australian bushfires and creating pouches for joeys, wallabies and small marsupials, orphaned as a result of the devastating fires.


Glenalmond art teacher, Margaret Willington, asked colleagues to  bring spare cotton fabric to school which she, and fellow members of staff, then converted into the much-needed pouches. 

The pouches have now been shipped to Warriewood in New South Wales who will distribute them to animal aid centres in need.

“Along with thousands of others, we have been incredibly saddened to see the reports of the sheer devastation caused to wildlife, as well as people, as a result of the terrible bushfires which have been burning in Australia,” said Miss Willington.

“We decided to respond to an appeal by one of the organisations which are working to assist wounded and orphaned wildlife, and we set about gathering material and sewing the pouches and bat wraps too.”

Each of the pouches took about 30 minutes to make, said Miss Willington, who was supported by fellow Glenalmond staff member, Sandi MacDougall, chemistry technician, who also involved her local Brownie pack in the sewing work.

“We are pleased to have played even a tiny part in assisting affected animals. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the fires and our best wishes go to everyone in Australia helping with the crisis and its aftermath, and supporting families and animals to recover,” she said.

Glenalmond has over 300 acres of grounds and staff and pupils are pleased to share their school campus with a wide array of wildlife, from otters and hedgehogs to barn owls and red squirrels.

Glenalmond has been selling calendars featuring pictures of the wildlife to be found on its grounds in aid of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and believes that the exceptional space which pupils have and the opportunity to engage with nature are part of the recipe of the school’s success.