Glenalmond College Set to Host Virtual Open Day

Virtual Open DayFor the first time in its 173 year history, Glenalmond College is set to host a Virtual Open Day and  looking forward to welcoming visitors online to meet staff and tour the school on Saturday, May 9th.

Dr Michael Alderson, Head of Glenalmond College, said he is very much looking forward to welcoming visitors to the Virtual Open Day, which will offer an exciting new way to enjoy a visit to the school which has around 360 pupils, aged 12 to 18.

“While it is difficult to replicate the feeling people have when they physically visit Glenalmond and get that sense of our exceptional school, our Virtual Open Day has been designed to ensure people will have an experience very close to that. Our visitors will have the opportunity to feel they are standing in our beautiful quad and hearing our pupils talk enthusiastically about their school.”

 There has already been keen interest in attending the event, which will offer people of all ages and locations an opportunity to have a better understanding of what sets the school apart. It will include a bird’s eye view of the school from the air during the virtual tour and an opportunity to hear from former pupils describing their experiences at the school.

During the past two weeks Glenalmond has also made a very smooth transition from classroom to online teaching and Dr Alderson said he was delighted with the way staff and pupils at Glenalmond have responded.

“My sincere thanks go to all those who helped us stress test our online content over the Easter holidays and to all our teachers and pupils for the enthusiasm and positivity they have shown to embrace a temporary new way of teaching.”

Further information about the Virtual Open Day, and registration details, are available via the school website or by emailing or calling 01738 842000.