Glenalmond Staff Produce Face Shields in School Workshop

Staff at Glenalmond College have been making protective face shields in a workshop at the leading Perthshire school, to assist with the supply of the protective equipment to front line workers.


Gemma Crozier, a design and technology teacher at Glenalmond, has been leading on the production of the equipment which is much-needed as vital PPE for people working in medical and care roles across the country.


Assisted by the school’s new Warden, Dr Michael Alderson, Mrs Crozier produced sixty of the protective face shields at Glenalmond on Friday. These are now destined for NHS pharmacies and care homes in Tayside.

Mrs Crozier said she had been delighted by the support she has received from colleagues and the wider Glenalmond College community.


Dr Michael Alderson, who recently took over as Warden of Glenalmond, said the school was very pleased to support the production of the face shields with materials and equipment.


“We are delighted to be helping, even in this small way, to support the work of our front line medical and care key workers,” said Dr Alderson.

“We have also had a fantastic response to the initiative via social media over the weekend and will continue to look for more ways to support.


“As a school community, we have a very large number of people close to our hearts, including many former pupils, who are currently working in key medical, as well as supply chain, roles  and we are enormously proud of the work they are doing.”