Hagrid Returns to Glenalmond for World Book Day

Pupils and staff at Glenalmond College in Perthshire really entered into the spirit of World Book Day today (March 5th, 2020), even welcoming Harry Potter character “Hagrid” to the school.

Robbie Coltrane, who played Professor Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter series written by JK Rowling, attended Glenalmond as a boy. However, this week it was the statuesque Mark Nichols, Glenalmond’s Head of Outdoor Learning, who was in the guise of the much-loved fictitious character.

At lunchtime, pupils at the school were delighted to see the famous character striding across the quad at the heart of Glenalmond’s buildings, as part of the school’s celebration of World Book Day.

Glenalmond, which opened its doors in 1847, is often fondly referred to as “Hogwarts”, inspired by its striking, traditional buildings and magical dining hall.

The children have also been submitting photographs of themselves reading books in unusual places, as part of an “extreme reading” challenge set by the school’s English department.

John Hathaway, Glenalmond’s Head of English, congratulated teachers and pupils for coming up with so many innovative ways of celebrating World Book Day.

“Reading is so important for young people and it is something we very much encourage pupils to make time for every day,” said Mr Hathaway.

“Today has been an exciting celebration of the importance of books in everyone’s lives and it has been brilliant to see the children embracing the idea of reading in some unusual places. Well done to all involved.”

Hagrid Group 1

Mark Nichols (“Hagrid”), Glenalmond’s Head of Outdoor Learning, is pictured entering into the spirit of World Book Day with pupils in the school’s stunning quad.


Glenalmond is gearing up to welcome visitors next Saturday, March 14th for its Open Day. The event starts at 10am in the school Theatre and it is free of charge and open to all to attend. Register for the event by visiting www.glenalmondcollege.co.uk, emailing registrar@glenalmondcollege.co.uk or calling 01738 842000.