House Shout 2017

Our Inter-House singing competition took place this weekend and the winners are...

House Singing Competition falls into two categories. First are the Part Songs - in effect a cappella songs, arranged by the houses. This is a very tough competition, as houses are limited in the number of secure voices able to hold and maintain pitch when unaccompanied. But it was great to see all the senior houses provide an entry. While standards were quite varied, even those houses which struggled showed moments of good security. In the end it was tight between Lothian and Goodacre's, with Goodacre's just edging the win with Bastille's "Pompeii".


Goodacre 's . Winners Part Song Edit


The House Shout requires every member of the house to take part in a performance of a song, chosen by houses.  Supported by a pre-recorded backing track, songs this year ranged from Abba to Tom Jones and many others.  Competition was fierce, with the fresh-voiced Second and Third Formers of newly-refurbished Cairnies coming runners up with their performance of "Hard Knock Life" from Annie - words cunningly altered throughout, to include "We love you, Mr Golden"! 


Winners were Lothian, their performance of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" clearly out in front in the opinion of the esteemed judging panel, Miss Dryden, Mr "Smudge" Smith and Dr Ridley.  But, win or lose, it was a great night, packed with fun, team spirit and Collegiate bravado...


Lothian House Shout


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