Josephine P Dominates in French Tennis Tournaments

Second Form pupil, Josephine P, has spent her Summer competing in 5 tennis tournaments as well as following an intensive training course in parallel.

Despite the rigourous schedule, Josephine performed exceptionally well against both her own age group and her adult competition. Her results were as follows:
Adult tournament Montataire: Even though she was playing adults, she won against the first four adversaries and advanced well in the competition. She beat players with the following ratings 30/2, 30/1, 30 and 15/5. (6.2 UK rating). This is extremely rare and she was awarded a special prize (pictured)

Vineuil adult tournament: She won two tournament stages, beating a 30/1 (7.2 UK rating).

Chantilly youth tournament (12 to 16 years): She won the tournament against a girl rated 30/2 (8.1 UK rating)

Gouvieux youth tournament (12 to 18 years): She reached the final, losing to a 15/1 (5.1 UK rating). She won a number of stages leading to the final including against a 15/3(5.2).

Verneuil youth tournament (12 to 16 years)She lost the final against a 30 rating (7.1 UK).

During her three week training and tournament period, she did an average of one match per day including games against adults. She played matches of three full sets and she beat the record match duration with a match lasting over four hours! The coaches were extremely happy with her performance.
Congratulations Josephine!


Josephine P Chantilly Tournaments