Letter from the Chairman



Dear Parents, Pupils, Staff members, OGs and members of the Glenalmond College Community,

 During this unprecedented and challenging period, I would like to ensure you are aware our thoughts are very much with you all and, indeed, the Glenalmond community around the world. At these times we benefit from the powerful values which underpin every aspect of Glenalmond life. These include Community Spirit, Self Confidence without arrogance, Collaborative Leadership, Independence of Thought, Initiative and Resilience, so important at present.

 I am sure I echo all your thoughts when I also extend our gratitude to everyone, including many among us, working in the front line with the NHS and other vital roles including the maintenance of our supply chain and the police and armed forces. Thank you for your service.

 Thanks also to Dr Michael Alderson, who has taken up very ably the reins of Warden this week, and has written to parents and pupils to lay out the College’s plans for delivering education online. Michael, the Senior Leadership Team, and all the staff have done a fantastic job to ensure we are fully ready to continue our pupils’ education online, with minimum disruption. 

 I am in regular contact with both the Warden and Bursar, and the Council will be convened through virtual meetings as and when required. We don’t yet know when Glenalmond will reopen as a physical campus for pupils but the College will be open online from the start of term. The College is taking a holistic approach to online schooling and will continue to include as much of the academic and non-academic curricula as possible, as well as covering the physical and mental wellbeing of pupils. 

 We also continue to plan for the physical return of pupils and helping Upper VI pupils with their University entrances when the process for that is clear. Dr Alderson will ensure pupils and parents are kept informed of the detail of how the online school will operate and any parents with questions can contact Glenalmond at any time via info@glenalmondcollege.co.uk.

 The College has survived two world wars, the Spanish Flu of 1918 and various recessions and other challenges in the 173 years of its existence. We will come out of this episode with new ways of working and lessons learned which will benefit our pupils in the long run. I would like to thank our staff for the calm, committed and constructive way they are rising to the challenges and I pass on their thanks for the messages of support and encouragement they are receiving from parents and the wider Glenalmond community.

 Please take care, adhere to government guidelines and keep in touch with us.

 Floreat Glenalmond

 Yours sincerely


Niall Booker, 

Chairman of Council Glenalmond College