Meet the Staff - Anna Shepherd

Our hard-working staff do fantastic work, very often behind the scenes, to ensure pupils at Glenalmond have an outstanding education.


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In our "Meet the Staff" series we are asking some of our amazing team to tell us about themselves and the roles they deliver at Glenalmond. Anna Shepherd is our Design and Technology Technician.

How long have you been working at Glenalmond? I've been here for five years now.

What is a summary of your job and all that it entails? I am the Design and Technology Technician. I source, order and prepare all the materials needed for pupils' projects, maintain all of the workshop machinery and tools, help pupils to build their projects, and complete all the departments health and safety requirements including machinery maintenance logs, risks assessments etc.

How did you get into this field of work? I studied Art and Design and have a Fine Art Degree. I moved into working as a Museum Technician and really enjoyed the practical elements of that role.

 Where did you work before you came to Glenalmond? Before Glenalmond, I worked for Perth and Kinross Council and also Dundee Council.

What is the best thing about working at Glenalmond? I think it would be my department and the amazing teachers, workshop spaces, tools and equipment we have.

What do pupils like best about your subject? Probably the freedom to design and create with the huge range of tools and machinery we have in our department.

What is the main thing you would like people to know about your subject? When I'm asked what I do for a living I still sometimes get the response "I though that was a man's job". Well it's not, and we've been working very hard in our department to break those stereotypes and promote inclusiveness in Design and Technology.

What is your favourite part of your role? Definitely not the health and safety paperwork! I love helping the pupils with their projects, that would probably be one of my favourite parts.

Do you have a favourite place in Glenalmond College grounds? Our department.

What is your favourite hobby outside of school? I really enjoy horseriding with my daughter.

 Where is your favourite holiday destination? Scotland.


Sheppard Project

Anna is pictured above with a colourful lamp produced in the Technology department. The pupils created some wonderful lamps as part of a recent project.