New Memorial Plaque

In this season of remembrance, a new memorial plaque has been placed in our Chapel

This week, a new plaque was erected in our Chapel to honour the Old Glenalmonds who have died whilst serving in the Armed Forces since 1945. 

The names of those listed on the plaque are as follows:

Memorial Plaque (2)

  • 2nd Lieutenant Michael Iain Anderson (Skrine’s 1940-1944) – died on active service in Malaya 12th November 1949

  • 2nd Lieutenant James Howard Secker (Goodacre’s 1943-1947) – accidentally killed while on duty in Germany 20th July 1951

  • Pilot Officer Colin Mitchell Smail (Patchell’s 1943-1947) – killed as a result of a flying accident at Stradishall, Suffolk 25th October 1951

  • 2nd Lieutenant Robert Douglas Durie Scott (Goodacre’s 1950-1954) – drowned while carrying out “Frogman” exercises 16th August 1955

  • 2nd Lieutenant Bruce Alan Gordon Kynoch (Matheson’s 1950-1954) killed in a forest fire in Cyprus which seems to have been started deliberately by EOKA (a Greek Cypriot nationalist guerrilla organisation) 17th June 1956

  • Lieutenant Andrew Gordon Macfie (Patchell’s 1952-1957) – killed in an air accident in the seas off Singapore which serving as a Fleet Air Arm Officer in Ark Royal 31st July 1963

  • Lieutenant Forbes Hugh Wallace (Goodacre’s 1952-1956) – died of wounds received in action in Sarawak 17th August 1963


Ben M (Reid's) read Hymn in Honour of our Ancestors (Ecclesiasticus 44: 1-15), while the current Heads of Skrine's, Goodacre's, Patchell's and Matheson's (Will L, Ellie R, Tom P and Brandon M) read the names of those whose names are remembered on the plaque. College Chaplain, the Rev'd Giles Dove blessed and dedicated the new memorial.

Memorial Plaque (1)