Well Done to Glenalmond Golfers

Congratulations to all in the Glenalmond A and B Golf teams for their success in reaching the finals in their respective competitions.

Golf Comp

Glenalmond A Team

On Tuesday, on a perfect day on a great parkland golf course, the Glenalmond A team put their wits against the very best independent schools from across the UK in the ISGA National Finals. Captained by Violette M, the team of three all played to their handicaps on a course that was completely new to them.

Violette M, Tara B and Zac G represented Glenalmond College with pride and performed well against much older opponents. To reach the national finals has been a huge achievement for the newly formed A team, and a great effort has been put in by all the players throughout the term.

Golf Success

Glenalmond B Team

On Monday, the Glenalmond B team, consisting of Reene C, Ethan P, and Friedrich A took on not only an in-form St Leonards team on their own track but also a gusting 30mph wing in the ISGA Area Finals.

All three Glenalmond players battled hard and both teams left the links weather-beaten but in great spirits. It has been a huge effort for the Glenalmond B team to reach the area final and this experience will be used to fuel their desire to take their game one step further next year.

Congratulations to both teams on their performances.