Annual Glenalmond College Steeplechase - The Results

The Annual Glenalmond Steeplechase Sees New Record Set

The Annual Glenalmond Steeplechase brings virtually the whole School together on our golf course and this year was no different. The weather was very kind to us and it was a spectacular sight to see so many brightly coloured runners bringing the golf course to life with laughter, determination and competitiveness, but also support for each other and fantastic House spirit. It was Glenalmond at its very best!

At the front of the various races we had some fantastic displays of cross country running talent and even saw a new course record set by Fourth Form Lothian pupil, Rosie D.


Race winners:

Junior Girls - Rosie D (11:07) New School Record
Junior Boys - Ed H (16:00)


Junior Winners


Senior Girls - Bea T (16:53)
Senior Boys - Cameron S (19:31)


Senior Winners


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Showing that sport can bring everyone together, no matter how fast or slow you run, everyone was cheered the whole way round and through the finish line whatever their final position. 

There were some great House spirit on display with the ladies of Home, Goodacre's and Lothian once again leading the way with their House costumes - complete with face paint! Will Russell took a special 'incognito' award and we were delighted to have a touch of Hollywood this year with the VIP guest appearance by 'The Minions'.

We hope your legs aren't aching too much and that your faces are not sunburned but that you are happy and proud to have been a part of this year's Glenalmond Steeplechase!