Craigclowan Hockey Clinic

Specialised Hockey skills clinic held at Glenalmond ....


 Craigcloan Hockey Skills Sep 2016


Super Saturday coaching clinic for Craigclowan talented young hockey players.

David Stott was delighted to see a good number of young talented Craigclowan players attend the first of a series of 3 specialised skills clinics on the College state of the art water based astro pitch.

17 young motivated junior boys and girls worked hard during the 2 hour pitch session - covering a range of specialised advanced skills and game play.

Key themes delivered during the session

7 S Training Key skill developments

Push pass

Playing the ball in the air

3D Skills

Forehand spin turn

Changing line – diagonal straight-line pick up diagonal movement Hitting flat and hard Back hand – edge sweep

Small games

Establishing structure and basic frame work Movement and leading Shape and basic formation (Playing with width and depth)

All the pupils had an enjoyable few hours focusing on improving their skills.  The first of the series of three clinics was deemed a great success.