Scottish Islands Peaks Race 2018

Glenalmond College and OG teams compete in the Scottish Islands Peaks Race this weekend

The Scottish Islands Peaks Race is an adventure race for teams of sailors and fell runners (youth and adult) and is held annually on and around the most beautiful parts of the west coast of Scotland. 

The race starts in Oban at 12:00 on Friday 18 May with a short hill run, then a sail to Salen on Mull, run over Ben More, sail to Craighouse on Jura, run the Paps, sail to Arran, run Goat Fell, then sail to Troon. The race takes 3 to 4 days and caters for multihulls, racers, and cruisers. Depending on wind and tides, we hope to see the Glenalmond team finish in Troon on Sunday evening (20 May).

There are currently 34 yachts entered in the race and each one has a tracker device, which the runners take with them, which means you will see the 'yacht' running over mountains!

Our Glenalmond yacht is 'Taeping' and our runners are:

  • Mull: Laurence K, Gregor C with Dr Wilkinson
  • Jura: Esme D and Minty G with Mr Rowley
  • Arran: Cameron S and James H with Mr Myers

We are also proud to see an OG team yacht competing in the Race. OG Byam Trotter (2002-06, Matheson's) and Tom Eriksen (2001-06, Matheson's) will be sailing 'Contender'. 

You can find full details of the race at: 

If you want to follow the race this weekend then use this App: or search for YBTracking or YBRaces. Then join SIPR 2018 in the App.

Good luck to both teams!