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1847 Society – being part of our legacy…..

Glenalmond College was established in 1847 by William Gladstone and James Hope-Scott. Their vision was to create an inspirational seat of learning that provided a lifetime of education, memories and friendship. The Glenalmond College of today is their legacy to us.

The 1847 Society was created to recognise and honour those who pledge to leave a legacy to Glenalmond, thus providing the College with continuity in values and deliverance.

Legacies are a vital and much appreciated gift to Coll and its pupils and the Warden feels honored to be given the opportunity of thanking donors during their lifetime.

Society members receive invitations to a regular, exclusive dignitary event at Coll, news updates and a unique commemorative gift of a solid silver lapel pin denoting the Wordsworth seal.

Alistair Gibb (Patchell’s 1957-’62) makes note that: “Leaving part of my estate to Coll is, I consider, ‘giving without strings’. The school knows and I know; we are committed to one another. That relationship gives me satisfaction and, I hope, Coll a useful platform from which to plan future expenditure.”

April 2015 saw the first 1847 Society event. Held in Coll’s dining room, guests were treated to a Champagne and cocktail reception before enjoying a fine meal, created by The Gleneagles Hotel and Chartwells. 

If leaving a legacy is something that you are considering, or if you would like to share details of your intentions, please email our Director of Development, Nalini Cook or call on 01738 842142.

A copy of our Legacy brochure is below, and, along with the supporting legal documents, can be downloaded. Should you prefer a hard copy, please contact the Development Office or 01738 842025.

Thank you.


Front Page - Legacy Brochure         Supporting Legal Documents

         Legacy Brochure                     Supporting Legal Documents