Annual Appeal 2017-18

Can you help us boost participation?  Jamie Sandison and Rob Wainwright are going head-to-head to see if the class of 1982 can beat the class of 1983.  Can your year beat them?

This year we want to focus on alumni and parental participation in fundraising, rather than focusing on a financial target.  Supporting the school through a donation is invaluable in enriching the lives of the current pupils.  Throughout the history of the school, each crop of pupils has benefitted from the generosity of those who went before them.  You can now help current and future pupils.

On average, 32% of UK school alumni give back to their old schools.  At Glenalmond, that figure is below 10% - we need your support to help grow our donor base.  EVERY gift counts, no matter the size.  It is the power of the many that makes a difference.

Jamie and Rob have decided to make it competitive, but you can join in too and volunteer to stir up the passions in your year group.

Thank you for giving this your consideration.


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