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Alumni Montium

£22.50 plus p&p

Alumni Montium

 Alumni Montium (children of the mountains) takes its title from the opening lines of the Glenalmond Carmen: Adeste, quotquot estis/ Alumni Montium.

This is a hardbacked volume richly detailing every turn in Coll’s history from post-war 1948 to 2008; a must-have record for anyone who has attended the school or currently studies there.

Author David Willington, himself a former teacher at Coll for over thirty years, charts an unrivalled history of the school from quasi-monastic seclusion to full co-education.

Packed with historical facts and detail this is a fascinating latter-day record of Gladstone’s northern dream, fully illustrated in colour and featuring many previously unseen photographs and illustrations.

The history of this unique place is not that of the bricks and mortar but of the many diverse individuals who contribute to its development. Alumni Montium provides a vivid account of their activities and the challenges they faced all set to a backdrop of the last fifty years.

An  essential one for every OGs bookcase.






A Slice of Glenalmond

£10.00 plus p&p



‘Food for thought’ trumpets the headline and this little gem certainly is. Produced by culinary guru Emma Woods, the book features over 100 delicious, home-tested, recipes from Coll staff, current and former pupils.

Take your pick from deliciously simple sweet potato curry by OG Alice Hamilton, halibut and pesto from fish experts, the Barges, and squidgy chocolate and beetroot cake ‘will keep for days but only if hidden from hungry hoardes….’ comments staff member and recipe provider Paula Bowman.

Beautifully illustrated with mouthwatering treats it also includes lovely pictures from in and around Glenalmond and features words by renowned chef and OG Neil Armstrong.

A real team effort. Yum yum!










Old Glenalmond Curling Club 1962-2012 

£8.99 plus p&p

Curling Club


One of the most vibrant OG societies, this book records the Curling Club’s inception on ‘Tuesday 27th March 1962 at 7.30pm at the Crossmyloof Ice Rink in Glasgow’ to the current day.

Written by OG Andrew Primrose, who comments that he “turned to curling when age told him that ruby was for younger, fitter men” it details the rising strength of the club, including participation in the pinnacle event, the Grand March at Lake of Menteith in 1979.

Packed with personal testimonies and memories this is a lively, informative record of a group who have had fifty years of fun on the ice. A must-read for anyone who likes a bit of fun-filled competition in cold places!











Old Glenalmond Golfing Society 1933 - 2008 



Old Glenalmond Golfing Society 1933-2008

As the only school in Scotland to boast its own course it goes without saying that people are passionate about golf at Glenalmond. And so it follows that OGs keep up the tradition both on home-grown turf and throughout the world.

Golfing Society President, Gordon Thorburn wrote that this book was put together with ‘skill, humour and determination’. A great template for any OG.

Celebrating 75 years of the OGGS, this is a record filled with personal contributions and anecdotes; look out for John Boulter in his infamous tartan plus-twos and bullocks on the first fairway at Deal in 2007!

Matches against old rivals Strath, Fettes and Merchiston are all detailed as is news from younger OG players, many following in the family tradition.

A lively, light-hearted run-through of this very active club, this is a lovely memento to have on your coffee table.