University of Aberdeen Awards to former students of Glenalmond College:

Simon Andrew Boendermaker (2008-2013 Patchell's), Degree of Bachelor of Laws with English Law, Upper Second Class Honours

Oliver William Fergusson (2006-20011 Patchell's), Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Lower Second Class Honours


Heather Campbell (Lothian, 2008 - 12) Completed her degree in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, London and will graduate in October at the Royal Albert Hall with a Masters in Engineering 2.1. 

Grant N Woodhouse (Patchell's, 2010 - 12) Graduated with a Masters in Civil Engineering 2:1 from the University of Dundee.

Alexandra Bullard (Home, 2011 - 16) received her Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award from Pen Hadow at a ceremony in Holyrood Palace, July 2016.

Edward Reynolds (Reid's 2005 - 10) recently commissioned from Sandhurst (August 2016)

Victor Malkov (Goodacre's 2007 - 12) After four years at Glasgow University Vitia finished with a MA Hons. 2:1 in  Literature Studies and Russian. He worked at Kilgraston for their July English Language School for Foreign students for the third year running. (August 2016)

Jennie Graham (Home 2006 - 11) Graduated with a double first from Christ Church College, Oxford, where she read Arabic and Islamic Studies.  All of this on top of captaining the Oxford University kick-boxing team and earning a half-blue.

Katie Winton (Home, 2006 - 12) Graduated from Northumbria University with a first class degree in Media Culture and Society.

Freya Maclean-Boyd (Lothian, 2006 - 11) Graduated from the University of Newcastle with a 2:1 in Law

Ian Shearer (Skrine's 2006 - 12) graduates from Robert Gordon University on 14 July with a 2:2 in Diagnostic Radiography (B.Sc Hons). Ian will take up the post of radiographer at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee later in the year.

Thomas Simmonds (Skrine's, 2007 - 13) was awarded Gullane Golf Club Champion 2016

Angus Littleford (Patchell's, 2008 - 13) Graduated from Leicester University with a first class degree in International Relations and History. Angus will start his post grad at the University of St Andrews in September.

Katherine (Kate) Squire (Lothian, 2007 - 12) Graduated from the University of Exeter with a 2:1 in Management and European Study.

Fiona Squire (Lothian 2007 - 13)Graduated from Durham University with a first class degree in Geography (BA).

Sheila Mill (Lothian 2005 - 10) Graduated as a Doctor in Medicine from the University of Aberdeen in June 2016. 

Alexander (Sandy) McCleery (Skrine's 2007 - 12) Graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge, with a first class honours degree with distinction in Geography, coming second in his year. Next year Sandy will continue his studies at Cambridgewith an MPhil in South Asian Studies

Patricia Walker (Lothian 2007 - 12) Graduated from Cambridge with a first class degree in Economics.



Jonathan Hencke (Reid’s 2006-2008) Graduated in December 2015 from University Tübingen (Germany) in Medicine. In May 2016 Jonathan will start specialist training as a pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany.

Hannah Preston (Home 2007-'09 & Head of House) graduated from Edinburgh Uni as a Dr in medicine and won the following prizes: graduated with honours, Distinction for performance in Year 5 and received the Scottish Association for the Medical Education of Women Prize (Awarded to the most distinguished female student over 5 years of MBChB)

Benjamin Hastings (Skrine's 2003-2009). Having recently graduated from the University of Dundee in Dentistry I have now come to the end of my tertiary education and will now embark on my life long learning in my chosen profession. 

Chloe Lallyett (Home 2000-2006) is to be congratulated on being awarded a Ph.D by Manchester University in biochemistry.

Mark Assiter (Reid’s 2004 – 2009) Heriot Watt University – Meng Chem Engineering with Oil & Gas Technology, graduated 2014

Adam Gordon (Matheson’s 2005-10) – Glasgow First Class Honours in History

Ewan Mackenzie Smith (Reid’s 2005-10) – First in Economics, Exeter

Sandy McCleery (Skrine’s 2007-12) scholarship to Emmanuel, Cambridge

Alice Strang Steel (Home 2006-11) scholarship to Emmanuel, Cambridge

Tiffany Vong (Lothian 2006 – 2011) Oxford University, Oriel College, Music 2:1, graduated 2014. Now doing a Masters in Music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.

Gareth Walker (Reid’s 2006-08) graduated from SAC Edinburgh - Agriculture 2:1.  

Iona Walker (Lothian 2007-10) graduated with a 2:1 in Business and Marketing from Northumbria University

Claire Peacock (Home 2005-2010) achieved a Masters in Mediaeval History at UCL



Sheila Mill (Lothian, 2005 - 10) Graduated from Loughborough University in July, with a BSc degree (Intercalated) in Sport and Exercise Science.

Andrew Thin (Skrine’s 1972-77) awarded OBE in June 2014. Chair SNH. For services to the Environment and Rural Affairs in Scotland.

Joyce Grant Mackie DL (Hon OG) awarded MBE for voluntary service in Aberdeenshire



Jeremy Mackrell (Matheson’s 1950-55) awarded MBE in 2013 for services to charity and the communities of Oxenhope and Keighley. After National Service in the Royal Navy and reading Law at Leeds University (LL.B Hones), Jeremy practised as a solicitor in Keighley and for 25 years as the Diocesan Registrar to the Diocese and Bishops of Bradford while also actively involved in several charitable and community organisations.