Update your Details

Maintaining contact with OGs and the long-term benefit that that relationship brings to current pupils, OGs and the wider Glenalmond community is of immense pride to everyone at the school. Time and again, potential parents are amazed and delighted by the life-long involvement that is offered by joining the school and,
as a consequence, the world-wide network that unfolds.

As a much valued member of that OG community, we very much hope you enjoy the various contact points, throughout the year, from the school. We make a point of tailoring OG contact to hopefully offer the most appropriate and relevant information.

In order to sustain up-to-date and accurate details (which are never shared or passed on without your express, prior permission) we carry out information gathering every five years. We would greatly appreciate no more than a few minutes of your time to complete the below survey, particularly requesting that you tell us your preferred method of contact in the ‘Personal Details’ section.

Please download and save a copy of the form before emailing back to us at alumni@glenalmondcollege.co.uk. The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader will be required.

Glenalmond College Questionnaire