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In line with the Data Protection Act (1998) we have the following policy for the management, storage and processing of personal data. Please note that some terms such as processing have legal definitions which may differ from your understanding of the term. The Information Commissioners' website has documents that can help further your understanding of the relevant terms and issues.

Security of your Information

All information you enter is only accessed by those people you authorise and authorised staff of Old Glenalmond Club. We take great care over the security of this site and the information it holds. Appropriate technological measures have been taken to secure your personal data. As technology develops we will continue to assess what we can do to guarantee the safety of information held on this site.

Restricted Use

Personal data is used for the key functions of this site, including a networking directory and discussions. It is also used by Old Glenalmond Club for its standard operations including mailing newsletters. It will not be used in a way which is outside of the normal operations of this web site or Old Glenalmond Club without your consent - except where the Data Protection Act (1998) provides certain legal exemptions, such as in the pursuit of justice.

Sale or Transfer of Information to Third Parties

Old Glenalmond Club will never sell the information you provide on this site or any other personal information they may hold about you. However if you give your consent in your personal profile then your information may be transferred to third parties who are deemed appropriate by the management and are in line with the aims of the society. This is likely to include without limitation the School and any legal entities created for fundraising purposes by the School or Old Glenalmond Club. Any organisation chosen for data transfer will not be for-profit unless contracted to do work specifically on behalf of an Old Glenalmond Club approved third party.

Accuracy of Information

The accuracy of information held on this site is your responsibility as this site allows you to make changes yourself.