A Day in the Life of a Glenalmond Boarder

An outline of a typical day for a boarding pupil at Glenalmond, by Victoria C, a Sixth Former in Lothian House

A typical Tuesday at Glenalmond. I wake up at 7:30 and head off to breakfast where there is a large variety of different hot and cold foods to boost up the energy for a busy day ahead. After that I have a prefect meeting every morning at 8, where we talk to our Housemistress about how people are getting on and if any changes need to be made in the House. The House roll call soon follows, this is where the whole House gathers together for notices and a quick chat before walking down as a group to Chapel. Chapel is at 8:30, it is a place for us to reflect as well as sing some rousing hymns. (Every Friday the Houses compete against each other in a House singing competition).

From there we go to our first lesson, for me this would be a study period. This is a 55 minute slot where I can catch up or get started on any work that needs to be done. It is also the perfect time to put in music lessons so that you don't miss any important information from one of your lessons. My second lesson starts at 9:40; Art and Design is a class where I can explore my own individual style, as Oscar Wilde said "Art is the most intensive mode of individualism the world has known". At 10:40 it's break for all the Sixth Form and this is spent in the Moncrieff centre. This area is either used for socialising or a competitive game of table football whilst the popular hot chocolate machine gives us an energy kick for following lessons.

Day in life history of art

At 11am we go off to our third lesson, for me it is History of Art. This lesson covers a whole wide range of art from the Renaissance to Modernism. Other than just learning about the materials and techniques the artists used you also learn about the narratives within them and how they reflected society at that time or even now. My final lesson on Tuesday is Technology. This is a skilful subject which allows you to build either models or real life pieces, chairs and tables for home use are always popular objects. The Sixth form all congregate in the dining at 1:15 for a filling lunch before having an hour's games session at 2:15. Depending on the term we do a range of sports from lacrosse to squash, giving us a break from a hard day's work. At the moment I take part in the spinning sessions with the drama teacher Miss Kirk, it's a high intensive games option with a lot of fun embedded, maybe a bit too much especially with the music getting louder and louder every session.

Day in life spinning class

After games there is time for some relaxation until 5:30 when it's time for supper with the whole school. After which in summer we all go onto the school's front slopes where the girls do some sunbathing (if there is any sun) and the boys play a manly game of either football or rugby. In the winter we all gather in the theatre foyer where there is a coffee shop where we can buy various drinks and treats. At 7:15 we start prep, this is a time in the day where the whole school is working quietly in their Houses. It is an hour and a half dedicated to work which has been set that day. After prep the juniors have 30 minutes free time to watch whatever they want before I come round the rooms to make sure that they are all accounted for and ready to put their lights out.

Day in life boarding house

At 9:45 there is a second roll call to ensure that everyone is present in the House before some free time to get organised for the next day and getting ready for bed. Then it's lights out at 10:15 to get a good night's rest before starting another busy Glenalmond day.

Day in life Sixth Form Centre