Overview - Dr Michael Alderson, Warden

Warden Open Day 3

Glenalmond College embraced the challenge of Online Learning in spring 2020 and we were delighted with the feedback we received from pupils, parents, and others.

During the current phase of online teaching, the wellbeing of our pupils and staff remains our top priority, along with the continuity of our very high standards of education.

We are fully confident that via our online learning platform - Coll@Home - our teaching staff will continue to be deliver an excellent standard of education for pupils via the online route we will also make the most of the energy and buzz we know can be generated with this way of teaching.

What became very apparent last year is that the team of staff at Glenalmond found that online teaching opened the door to discovering many new opportunities and ideas and innovations were quickly harnessed.

We are sending our usual weekly updates to all our parents via our en-ewsletter and other means to ensure you have the most up-to-date information

Please ensure you discuss our Code of Conduct for Online Learning with your child (see pages 5 and 6 of our Guide to Online Learning).  

Please don't hesitate to contact us via if you have any queries. My best wishes to you, and your families. Please keep safe and keep in touch with us.

To help preserve some familiarity during online teaching, we are largely maintaining the normal structure of our weekly timetable (see below) but we are aware of the need for flexibility in these unusual times.

Lessons: All lessons are live and pupils are asked to keep their cameras on. To ensure accessiblility in different time zones, all live events are also recorded and pupils have access to all materials through Google Classroom.  Pupils should let their tutor know if they are having difficulties with the timetable or accessing learning and would like access to recorded lessons.

Sport: Alongside each pupil’s academic timetable, there is sport for Second to Upper Sixth Forms on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  We understand the importance of screen-free time and, as you can see, we have built in breaks so that pupils can get outside and enjoy fresh air and exercise. Evenings are for private study or free time.

Challenges: All our pupils also have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of intellectual, cultural, physical, and skill-based opportunities and challenges. House, Tutor and Chapel times are set aside and there are weekly House assemblies, daily tutor meetings and even Congregational Practice! 

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