Coll@Home fosters the same happy thriving community as ever and the House staff are keeping a close eye on the pupils in their horizontal houses to ensure their continued success and wellbeing.

All pupils have the opportunity to have one-to-one meetings with house staff each week, the house staff also see the pupils in groups by taking tutor sessions, year group meetings and house assemblies.  Maintaining the constant dialogue between house staff, tutors and teachers is important so we can track progress and offer congratulations, encouragement or support where needed.

If a pupil is absent from a lesson,  the house staff will be informed and contact the pupil and if necessary, the parents to check that all is well. Our house staff are here to answer any questions from parents.

House Activities Weeks 5 and 6

Goodacre's: Pancake clan challenge, Storytelling for Storytelling Week

Home: IVth Form Quiz night with IVth Form Boys, Vth Form quiz Night with Vth Form Boys, Mocktails with Vth Form

Lothian:  IInd ,  IIIrd form Quiz Night

Matheson's: Friday Quiz night, Cook Along With Mr Phillips

Patchell's  IVth Form Quiz Night, boys and girls, Vth Form Quiz Night, boys and girls, Mocktails with Vth Form Girls

Reid's: Fitness Training session

Skrine's:  Pancake Challenge, IVth: Form Quiz night with IVth Form Girls

Upcoming and Ongoing:

Training for the 4x4x48 Challenge Run 6-7 March

Girls' Lockdown Skill Up challenge

6 Nations competitions