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Sport and Fitness during Lockdown

As we continue to work online during Coll@Home, we would like to remind everyone of the benefits gained from taking a break from computer, phone, iPad or other such devices. Evidence proves that simply getting up and away from your workstation to stretch your legs has a great benefit.

If you stop to think about how much time you have been sitting in front of a computer recently, and then reflect on your time when you are physically in school, you will begin to see a huge difference in the amount of movement you have been doing lately. A normal school day will see you going from the boarding house to the dining hall for breakfast, then back for roll call before heading to school for Chapel.

You would continue to move throughout the day; between classes, to break in the dining hall or Moncrieff Centre, between more classes before a quick run (sometimes) to the dining hall for lunch. You would then move between boarding houses to change for Games and the Manciple Office to collect parcels from home. We would be outside playing games throughout the week and then moving around our boarding houses prior to supper then prep. Even after prep, some pupils choose to go back outside to walk around the school and all of this equates to a lot of movement. How does that compare to what you have been managing lately?

Due to the pandemic and online learning, our normal movement patterns have changed and whilst this may seem obvious to some, it is important that we manage to get outside for some fresh air when we can and to do some exercise. Ideally, we should aim for around 30 minutes or so of exercise which heightens our heart rate. This could be a brisk walk with the dog, a run, or kicking or throwing a ball around with younger or older siblings. Some may choose to do a HIIT workout or a long distance run and these are all great ways to keep yourself moving and fit.

We have been encouraging you all to take part in exercises during Games and PE, however if anyone would like more ideas on what else they can do, please email Mr Smith, Director of Sport.

Challenge175 Website


Glenalmond College has launched an ambitious sporting challenge which aims to raise £175,000 for life-changing bursaries and we're encouraging all our pupils (and their families!) to get involved. The challenge is to collectively complete 175,000 kilometres, equivalent to more than four times round the globe, by noon on May 2nd, 2021. It will culminate with #Coll24, a 24 hour event starting at noon on May 1st and involving pupils, staff and other supporters running 10k stints in relay throughout the 24 hour period. Find out more here.

Athlete Development Programme

Our new athlete development programme is designed for our Sports Scholars to push themselves and take ownership of their training for their chosen sport and they will be guided with support from school PE and Games staff, as well as by specialist coaches.