The aims of Lothian are easy to summarise:. “Be Kind. Work Hard. Have Fun”. I want every girl in the House to feel looked after, supported and utterly clear in the knowledge that there is no unfixable mistake and nothing not worth trying. Helping young women to discover who they are and where their true passions and abilities lie is at the core of everything we do.

Lothian House is the real thing – a warm and vibrant community of young women following their passions, developing their talents and enjoying each other and life to the full. I feel very proud to be able to look after such a kind and motivated group of girls.

Lothian is a busy house with 55 girls ranging in age from 12 – 18. In addition to the events in the School Calendar, we enjoy each other's company and ice-cream nights, pizza and movies and Pancake Time are all regular features in our social calendar!  In addition, Sunday afternoons are a perfect time to relax, catch-up and do some craft activities. The girls are tremendously active, and put huge effort into everything they do. There is a real atmosphere of encouragement in the House, and that is very much driven by the girls themselves in the way that they applaud achievement and effort, and offer consolation to each other when times are tough. Excellent and dedicated Prefects work incredibly hard to set a positive tone, and they are an immense source of help to the staff, as well as another source of support for the girls.

More information on all of our girls' houses - Lothian, Goodacre's and Home - can be found in our Girls' Houses leaflet.


The Lothian Team

Matron: Karen Ferguson

Assistant Housemistress: Ms Rebecca Brown


House Tutors:

Third Form | Ms Rebecca Brown 

Fourth Form | Ms Gemma Crozier & Mr Christopher Moss

Fifth Form | Mr Mike Jeffers

Lower Sixth Form | Ms Sasha Baldwin & Ms Lisa Greenwell

Upper Sixth | Ms Sylvia Smith


House Mistress's email address:

House Mistress's Study number: 01738 842027

Tutor's Study number: 01738 842116

Matron's number: 01738 842081