Situated in the main college building, at the heart of front quad, Patchell’s is a vibrant and dynamic house at the forefront of all that is positive in life at Coll.

Ever since arriving at Glenalmond I have been astounded by the warmth and support that the community provides for its pupils. Life at Coll provides wonderful opportunities for all of its pupils and it is important that these are grasped with both hands. Conor Swaile, Housemaster

The house is a stone’s throw from both the library and the dining hall and benefits from views of front slopes as well as the quad. Steeped in history, Patchell’s has two distinctive types of accommodation as the boys move through life in the boarding house, with cubicles for the junior boys and single dorms for those in Fifth Form and above. Cubes enable each boy to have their own space whilst allowing them to be part of a bigger group. In the senior years, dorms provide the perfect place to concentrate on the academic demands of the upper school. The Upper Sixth Prefects help to steer the ship and are always on hand to lend support and guidance to those in the house. I firmly believe that Patchell’s should be a home away from home where the boys feel safe and at ease with each other. Our aim is to work as a collective whilst also nurturing all individual talents. We encourage ambition and strive to allow each Patchellian to realise his full potential. 

Housemaster – Conor Swaile

Patchell's House Mr Swaile


Conor comes from Dungannon, Northern Ireland where he attended The Royal School Dungannon and he still holds a strong affinity to this area.  In his final year at school, Conor was awarded a scholarship to Dilworth School in Auckland where he was a Resident House Tutor and Sports Coach. On his return, he attended Dundee University and gained an MA in Geography. After completing his undergraduate course, he undertook his PGCE at Durham University and on completion, joined the staff at Coll. Before taking over as housemaster in Patchell’s, Conor was Assistant Housemaster for 4 years which allowed him to develop positive relationships with those in the house. 


A fanatical sports fan, Conor is a keen follower of the Ulster and Irish Rugby teams, as well as Liverpool FC. He spends any free time on the golf course, travelling or on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. His wife Lyndsey recently joined the English Department and continues to immerse herself in the life of a busy boarding house.



The Patchell’s Team

Matron: Mrs Laura MacVicar

Third Form Tutor: Mr B Elrick (Head of Piping and EVC Coordinator) 
Fourth Form Tutor:  Mr D Smith (Physics)
Fifth Form Tutor: Mr T Norton (History, Day Pay Pupil Coordinator and AHM)
Lower Sixth Tutor: Dr S Wilkinson (Head of Science)
Upper Sixth Form Tutors: Mr S Tolan (Head of History) 


Housemaster's email address:

Housemaster's Study number: 01738 842033

Matron's number: 01738 842133

Find us on Twitter @PatchellsHouse