Reid’s is a place for all boys, where difference and individuality is celebrated, where talent is nurtured and where expectation and ambition are everything. Reid’s is a home, not just a boarding house.

It is the role of the Housemaster to make every child feel important, valued and individual; to recognise that each boy has distinct needs both in their learning and in their lives. If I have not had a chat with each boy by the end of Reid’s in-house breakfast every day, then I have failed in my morning. Young people need nurturing in all they do and this requires safety, stability and happiness; the environment of Reid’s House allows me to achieve this. Matt Gibson, Housemaster

Reid’s House stands near the entrance to the Glenalmond estate, surrounded by sports pitches, tennis courts and woodland, creating a unique and very special identify. This, along with the house’s long history and proud character, is reflected clearly in the Reid’s boys’ outlook.

Housemaster – Matt Gibson

Following a career in scientific research, Dr Gibson joined Glenalmond College in 2011 as Head of Geography, later also becoming Director of the William Bright Society. In 2014 he became Housemaster of Reid's House and was also invited by the Warden to co-design and manage the Glenalmond Learning Project, a two-year whole-school teaching review. As well as being an experienced A Level examiner, Matt is the editor of neonEidos, an international journal for the publication of academic research by young people, and an invited member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh's Young Academy of Scotland, where he is involved in developing the academic aspiration and outcome in education at a national level.

Dr Gibson runs Reid's with his wife Claudia Massie, a professional artist, and their three children, Florence (aged 8), Luca (aged 3) and baby Magnus.  They also have two dogs called Henry and Primo.

Matt Gibson Reids Housemaster

The Reid’s Team

Matron: Kim Fleming
Upper Sixth Tutor: Andrew Rowley
Lower Sixth Tutor: Jenny Davey, Jeremy Gardner
Fifth Form Tutor: Martin Orviss
Fourth Form Tutor: Ines Reynolds                                                         

Resident Tutor: Graham Smith


Housemaster's email address:

Housemaster's Study number:  01738 842035

Tutor's Study number:  01738 842111

Matron's number:  01738 842083


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