The key characteristics of the boys in Skrine’s are selflessness, honesty and a sense of humour and perspective.

Skrine’s boys are welcoming, considerate and helpful Housemaster

Living in a boarding house means sharing, and those that get the most out of it are able to look at life from others’ perspectives. Honesty spans everything from not taking someone’s rugby socks without asking, right through to being honest about how much effort is being put into school life. And a sense of perspective is essential: there is no better tonic than the company of one’s friends to generate this.

Housemaster –  Guy Draper

 Guy Draper Skrine's Housemaster

After teacher training at Bristol, Guy has worked in Edinburgh, the French Alps and at Culford School in Suffolk where he undertook numerous roles including: Housemaster, History teacher, CCF Contingent Commander  and Head of the  D of E Award.  As well as being Housemaster of Skrine’s he teaches History, coaches rugby and is a member of the CCF.  His wife, Sarah, is a  freelance artist and they have two children, Freya aged 9 and James aged 8.

The Skrine's House Team

Matron: Lesley Regan

Fourth Form Tutor & Assistant Housemaster:  Alasdair Purdie 

Fifth Form Tutor: George Pounder 

Lower Sixth Form Tutor: Tim Ridley 

Upper Sixth Form Tutor: John Hathaway & Jeremy Robinson


Housemaster's Email address:

Housemaster's Study number:  01738 842039

Tutor's Study number:  01738 842113

Matron's number:  01738 842088

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