Chartwells - What we do

As one of the most experienced catering providers to schools throughout the UK, Chartwells is uniquely placed to ensure its clients and customers enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

The development chefs at Chartwells have designed a variety of dishes using the highest quality fresh, unprocessed, seasonal foods. Furthermore, the Chartwells nutrition team work to minimise and eliminate the use of additives and hydrogenated vegetable oils from within our products.

Special Diets is an extremely important part of our catering provision in schools. Chartwells have a special diet procedure in place which ensures that all members of our catering team are able to accommodate our customers' needs. Our nutritionists support the implementation of a special diet and have developed a 'Code of Practice' to help our managers with this responsibility.

We can cater for a range of special diets including, gluten, milk, nuts and eggs. Chartwells can also provide carbohydrate counts to support individuals with type I diabetes. Chartwells believes that encouraging a healthy, balanced diet is about much more than the food provided, therefore the nutrition team also offer a range of nutrition workshops all developed in line with the national curriculum. We hope that educating young people on healthy eating will help them to make more informed food choices when they get to the counter.